Our stainless steel sheet inventory often includes over 100 different grades, thicknesses, and finishes.

Stainless Steel Finishes

Northern is able to produce stainless steel fabrications in a wide variety of finishes. Finishes can be specified by surface roughness, mill finish numbers, or by grinding/polishing process. Whether the finish is aesthetic or for corrosion resistance, our sales team will determine your requirements and ensure we produce products that exceed your expectations.

Grinding and Polishing

Our grinding and polishing work cells are both automated and flexible. Sheet metal blanks can be finished to specified mill grades or to the equivalent grit specifications. The edges of flat blanks can be processed to ensure any sharp edges are blunted. Welds can be ground and polished to blend with the finish of the base material.

Surface Roughness Specifications

Surface finish can have a significant impact on corrosion resistance, especially in severe aqueous environments. Standard mill finishes can have surface finishes that vary greatly based on the thickness of the material and mill finish designation.

Northern has the capabilities and quality programs in place to meet critical surface roughness specifications.

Pickling, Electro polishing, and Passivation

In addition to mechanical grinding and polishing, Northern offers both electropolishing and/or pickling options.

Pickling removes material from the work piece and can restore the corrosion resistance of stainless steels. Pickling increases the surface roughness of stainless steel.

Electropolishing also removes material from the work piece and restores corrosion resistance. It reduces surface roughness and leaves parts with a very smooth surface.

Non-standard Finishes

Northern is able to supply fabrications from a wide variety of materials. Many custom finishes exist on the market today. For a quick overview of some options, please visit ssina.com.
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