The CEO of a key customer recently sent out a company wide memo instructing their engineers when to use 316 vs 316L. The CEO attributed the suggestion,documentation and subsequent cost savings to Northern's sales team.

Designing Stainless Steel Fabrications

Northern Manufacturing has over 50 years experience working with stainless steel. We may be able to assist with grade selection, recommend design changes, or suggest alternative fabrication methods.

Grade Selection

When is it necessary to use the low carbon stainless steels?
Is there an alternative grade that is cheaper but meets the design criteria?

Thermal Distortion

Stainless steels experience greater distortion than carbon steels during the welding process. It can be very difficult to hold tight tolerances in welded areas. Northern has the experience and expertise to solve these complex problems.

Fabrication Methods

Our engineers are often able to find innovative ways of manufacturing your parts. This often results in a reduction in the number of parts, which reduces the total cost. We also will suggest new fabrication technologies, such as laser welding, that can change the way the part can be fabricated.
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