Automated laser cells run 24 hours per day, with unattended operation overnight.

Lights Out Manufacturing

Northern's investments in the latest fabrication technology yields an unprecedented level of automation. This allows us to focus on value added services and helps us to compete on a global scale.

Automated Laser Cutting

Laser cutting has many advantages. It quickly produces flat parts of shape with high accuracy and consistency. We have built our business around these traits, and have designed a laser cell that is efficient, flexible, and can run production even when everyone has left the building.

Combination Laser Cutting / Turret Punching

Our ability to simultaneously punch holes and laser cut shapes into your part provides substantial savings on some sheet metal parts. Punching is more cost effective than laser cutting for certain materials such as copper and aluminum. Punching also gives us additional capabilities of forming, counter sinking, extruded flanges, embossing, etc.

"Lights Out" Laser Cutting

Our automated load/unloading capabilities allow us to make your sheet metal parts when there is no one in the building. In addition to increasing our efficiency and reducing labor costs, this advantage also gives us additional laser cutting capacity and scheduling flexibility.
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