Our engineers have 8 years of experience laser welding sheet metal. We have learned to use this technology in very unique ways.

Innovations in Sheet Metal Fabrication

We continuously invest in the latest fabrication technology. This allows us to build your parts better, faster, and for less money.

Laser Welding

Welding at speeds up to 200 in./min, this process produces welds with high weld strength, in many cases exceeding the material strength. Additionally, the welds have great aesthetic appeal and the laser creates a smaller heat affected zone and causes little weld distortion. Learn more about this laser welding process, or contact us to get more information.

5-axis Laser Cutting

3D laser cutting gives our customers the ability to laser cut sheet metal after it has been formed or assembled. Cutting holes at various angles out of a dome shaped part (pictured on the right) was difficult or impossible before. This technology can replace expensive boring mill processes and gives our customers the dimensional accuracy they desire.

Lights Out Production

Laser cutting has many advantages. It quickly produces flat parts of shape with high accuracy and consistency. We have built our business around these traits, and have designed a laser cell that is efficient, flexible, and can run production even when everyone has left the building. Learn more about the advantages of our automated laser cutting cell.

Complex Bending and Forming

Bending and forming complex sheet metal parts requires talented people and the right equipment. We are often able to form complex shapes out of one piece of material which eliminates expensive welding operations.

Modular Fixturing

Fixturing is required to hold tight tolerances when weld stainless steel assemblies. This used to require a significant investment in engineering design resources and dedicated fixture tooling. Modular fixturing makes the engineering of weld fixtures easy, and eliminates fixture costs completely.

Shop Floor Computer System

Our shop floor computing system has improved part quality and reduced lead times for our customers. Using ProfitKey's Rapid Response Manufacturing software, our operators can use the computers to find the highest priority job in their work cell, review customer requirements, view 3D CAD models of the part, and look at pictures of past fixturing and setups for repeat business.
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