Northern first used hybrid laser welding in production in 2012 and became one of the first companies in the United States to take hybrid laser welding out of the laboratory.

Laser Welding Sheet Metal

Northern's trade secret laser welding process creates high-quality welds, full penetration. We have been developing our laser welding capabilities on steel and stainless steel fabrications since 2000.

Contact Us for a Demonstration

We are excited to share this technology with you. If you would like us to mail you a sample weld or if you would like to tour our facilities, please contact our sales team.

Laser Welding Advantages

  • Increased weld penetration and consistency
  • Low heat input for minimum part distortion
  • Minimal heat affected zone
  • Increased welding speed and accuracy
  • Aesthetically pleasing welds without post processing

Hybrid Laser Welding Advantages

  • Allows higher alloy filler metal to be added to the weld in a robust process
  • Higher tolerance to gap alignment issues
  • Increased penetration and speed
  • Stronger looking weld, helping gain customer acceptance

Remote Laser Welding Video


Laser Welding Pictures


Case Study


Problem: A customer's air nozzle assembly had 110 individual components with 3 different sheet metal thicknesses. The prints required the assembly to be riveted and then silicone sealed.

Solution: Northern was able to reduce all of the sheet metal parts to a single thickness through creative press brake forming. We also eliminated the riveting and sealing requirements by replacing them with gas tight laser welding. Total components reduced from 110 to 28.

Results: We were able to reduce the number of components in the assembly from 110 to 28 and the laser weld was functionally superior to the previous sealing process. These efforts gave our customer a 22% cost reduction

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