3D laser cutting can replace expensive boring mill processes with dimensional accuracy at a fraction of the cost.

3D Laser Cutting or 5-Axis Laser Cutting

The ability to apply laser cutting to a sheet metal or stainless steel fabrication after it has been formed and welded has implications for a variety of applications. 3D laser cutting works well when customer's have intersecting cylinders or parts with unique hole geometries.


  • Eliminates costly milling and drilling operations
  • Allows trimming, drilling, and cutting on formed sheet metal parts
  • Increased precision and repeatability
  • Decreased lead times and costs
  • Better edge quality
  • Smaller heat affected zone



Case Study - 5-Axis Laser Cutting vs. Cheap Labor


Problem: One of our long time customers has been receiving stiff competition from China and Mexico, and we were eager to help them reduce their manufacturing costs. We identified a component part that required too many operations and used a costly band sawing process on tough stainless steel trapezoid tubing.

Solution: The component was rerouted for 5-axis laser cutting. The new process eliminated 3 saw operations and the corresponding band saw blade costs. Additionally, it eliminated 2 separate laser operations previously done on our flat laser cutting machines.

Results: The customer received price reduction on extremely competitive product, helping improve their position in the market.


3D Laser Cutting


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