About 60% of our business comes from repeat parts or assemblies. No one customer makes up more than 15% of sales.

Sheet Metal Experience

After 50 years of building our customers' most challenging projects, we can develop a high quality, low cost solution to your fabrication, assembly, and finishing needs.

Big or Small, Raw or Finished


Northern has produced sheet metal parts and metal fabrications for a variety of industries. We have developed capabilities to meet our customers' requirements no matter where the parts or assemblies are going once they leave the factory. While we specialize in stainless steel fabrications, Northern's breadth of experience include working with following materials and finishes.


Innovative solutions to challenging problems

Are your current suppliers struggling with a difficult part? Northern prides itself on using cutting edge technology to deliver creative solutions. Talk to us about your most challenging project, and let us earn your respect and confidence. Please review our case studies for examples of our innovative work.  



Turn-key solution or pieces-parts supplier

Every corporation has unique challenges, and Northern is ready to develop a solution to your particular needs. If you are an engineering company that is looking for a manufacturing partner, Northern can provide a complete manufacturing solution. Are you looking for laser cutting services or simple a weldment supplier? Northern is willing to help.  
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