Online part measurement can account for variances in material thickness and tensile strength, and deliver perfect bends every time.

Bending and Forming

Press brake forming is the most technically challenging operation in sheet metal fabrication. Northern excels in this area due to our vast experience in forming some of the most complicated shapes possible.

Latest Press Brake Techonolgy


New bending simulation software allows parts to be programmed in engineering instead of at the machine. This increases machine uptime and productivity, which reduces part costs. Also, this allows our engineers to forsee potential bend sequence issues on the computer instead of the shop floor. This eliminates scrap parts and rework.

Online angle measurement tools ensure quality parts every time. Normally, differences in material thickness, grain direction, or tensile strength can cause the bend angle to change from part to part even if the machine is working very precisely. With this new technology, the online measurement tooling will measure the actual angle produced and then rebend the part to the correct angle.


Cold Rolling Sheet Metal

Cold rolling is a CNC process that allows us to form large curved or conical shapes out of sheet metal. The machine determines the program automatically based on the part geometry.  

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