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3D Laser Cutting

Stainless Steel < 0.5"
Carbon Steel < 0.5"
Aluminum < 0.25"

Precision: up to 0.005"

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The ability to apply laser cutting to a sheet metal or stainless steel fabrication after it has been formed and welded has implications for a variety of applications. 3D Laser cutting can replace many drilling, milling, and cutting operations resulting in reduced costs and improved precision. 3D laser cutting works well when customer's have intersecting cylinders or parts with unique hole geometries. In the past, some customers required expensive boring mill operations after their assembly had been welded and stress relieved. 5-Axis laser cutting is a fast and inexpensive way to add precision features to an assembly, replacing the boring mill process.
  • Eliminates costly milling and drilling operations
  • Allows trimming, drilling, and cutting on formed sheet metal parts
  • Increased precision and repeatability
  • Decreased lead times and costs
  • Better edge quality
  • Lower heat affected zone
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